1. China Spring Products Corp New Year Reflection 2021

    2021 Is finally here and it will be a great year. After what we went through and learned in 2020 we are definitely ready for a new year to start. We all know how impactful 2020 was and it definitely brought along many harsh but important life lessons that we may have needed to be reminded of. Today, we want to learn some of the biggest lessons we learned as a team at China Spring Products Corp and how we will take these lessons into the new year as we apply the wisdom gained and the knowledge learned.

    strength China Spring Products Corp

    Strength -

    When the world was wrapped in

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  2. Spring Into Thanksgiving at China Spring Products Corp

    Through the hardships of this year there have also been many things that have made us realize we also have plenty to be grateful for. In the midst of the unthinkable and the chaos we have also experienced kindness from strangers, deep loyalty from our customers, we have seen all our team members go the extra mile, and our families grow closer and stronger. We have had to withstand many new challenges, had to adapt to new rules and guidelines and learned to stretch our resilience. The struggles have been many but the growth and progress has also been significant, and so today we want to acknowledge that there is in fact much to be thankful for this year.

    Grateful for Family

    We would not be where we are today were i

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  3. Stock Spring Division’s 7th Anniversary

    China Spring Products Corp has been around for several decades and we have worked continuously on providing the ideal solution for our customers` spring needs. Every time we saw a need we strived to meet it, even when it presented quite a challenge. We are not afraid to face each obstacle head on so we can pave the way for higher quality products and the ability to best serve our customers. From our Spring Creator Calculator to our amazing Stock Spring Division we have always been at the forefront of innovating our industry.

    spring creator calculator

    We started with our Spring Cre

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  4. Interesting Activities With Springs To Do With Your Kids

    Springs are far more than just a component in a device they are also great learning tools and interesting pieces of metal that completely transform an object. That is why they make great interactive learning tools for both kids and adults to have fun with. With COVID and everyone still stuck at home, you may be wondering what other family activities you can conduct. Well, you can use the following activities revolving around springs to keep your kids entertained in a more educational and productive way. Just make sure you are there to supervise. Based on the child’s age and abilities you can decide how much assistance is needed, or not, on your part.

    Getting Started With Metal Springs

    You can gather up a few springs from old trinkets or devices that no longer work or you can enroll the older kids to h

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  5. Father’s Day 2020 Coil Spring Savings

    Father’s day is usually one of those days to rejoice with the family and celebrate the men in our lives that have undergone parenthood and survived. Unfortunately this year we know that many family celebrations will have to be done differently. We did not want to miss the opportunity to cheer you up and that is why we want to celebrate with you by offering some of the best sales and offers we have ever had.

    The following are the sales and promotions you can expect in each of our different sites this June 2020. Take a look at each and review the details so you can best take advantage of the one that suits you best.


    As you know our company China Spring Products Corp is a leading innovator in custom springs, spring design, and spring manufacturing. With over 25 years we

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  6. China Spring Products Corps Into Action In Coronavirus Times

    When a pandemic hits all industries are affected. Usually the least essential the industry the harder it takes a toll. We know how hard these times are for many and so, as the situation has progressed we have tried to remain proactive about our way of navigating these circumstances. One thing is for sure, we could not cross our hands in the face of adversity.

    We quickly decided to spring into action and start making decisions to move our team, our customers, and our community forward. Here is a list of some of the actions that we have taken and will continue to update you on our pages and blogs regarding the benefits or support we are trying to provide for all those around us.

    5 Ways China Spring Products Corp is Showing Solidarity During This 2020 Pandemic


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  7. How To Respond Positively to Coronavirus: COVID-19

    As of last Wednesday, March 11th of this year 2020 the World Health Organization has officially declared the COVID-19 virus a pandemic. We, at China Spring Products Corp, urge everyone to remain calm and not panic. Yes, t is important to take precautions in order to protect each other and those most vulnerable to any illness, but fear is not necessary.

    Fear and panic do the total opposite of what we want. They create chaos, selfishness and unnecessary stress that can lead to even more danger for everyone and cause all sorts of other illnesses in the long run. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of suggestions for both our team and our customers as we get through these times together.

    Coronavirus China Spring Products Corp

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  8. Goal Setting 2020 at China Spring Products Corp

    We are super excited to welcome this new year with you! We hope that you got to enjoy the Holiday season with your friends and loved ones and are now ready to start the year. We know that we are! We are so excited about starting off with fresh goals and deadlines, that we started diving into the company goals for the year. Today we want to share some of our experience and findings in hopes that it may help you and your business.

    So many of us want to start off with tons of goals, and a long list of positive changes that we want to implement, and as a company, we tend to do this too. So many times we end up writing out a large to-do list but fail in the action plan because we don’t take into account the individual work and aspirations of each team member.

    While we can certainly be guilty of this, t

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  9. 3 Reasons Why We Love Thanksgiving at China Spring Products Corp

    Thanksgiving season is a favorite for many. After all, what is not to love? Great food, amazing company and lots of things to be grateful for. That is why today we want to share the top 3 reasons why we love Thanksgiving Season here at China Spring Products Corp.

    1. We have many things to be thankful for.

    This year, like every other, our team and company have so much to be grateful for. We achieved many great feats such as having our Quality Management System to be ISO 9001:2015 certified. We helped many more customers design the perfect springs for their devices, assisted thousands of people with questions and doubts regarding coil springs, got to speak to happy customers, received amazing feedback, and overall, had t

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  10. Spooky Looking Metal Springs

    Springs come in all shapes and sizes; small springs, big springs, heavy springs, long springs, short springs, etc. You can find springs so tiny, they are smaller than a fingernail and so large, they need to be carried by several persons. This is especially true for springs that can be customized and manufactured in with non-standard characteristics.

    Although there are limits as to what is manufacturable for a custom spring, there are also all kinds of weird-looking spooky springs. We don’t necessarily specialize in rare and extravagant springs, but throughout the years we have seen some pretty scary looking springs both in size and shape. That is why we thought we’d share some more on spooky springs that are out there.


    This may not sound weird but it definite

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