Stock Springs - Over 24,000 Springs in Stock

Definition of Stock Springs

When a spring company keeps an inventory of ready made springs for sale through a spring catalog; giving the customer the opportunity to buy springs for prototyping, run tests on new inventions, order small spring quantities, or simply replace an old spring.

China Spring Products Corp has now put it's extensive spring catalog online with more than 24,000 stock springs to choose from through our new online spring store: "TheSpringStore.com". This catalog includes stock compression springs, stock extension springs, stock torsion springs and stock tapered (or conical) springs. You are able to search for your spring with our easy-to-use spring finder. Keep reading to learn more about the features this website can provide you with to make your shopping easier and faster.

Various Stock Spring Sizes

We work with wire diameters as small as 0.005 inches, and as large as 1 inch; offering our customers a wide range of stock spring sizes to search through.

Short Lead Times

Due to the fact that these springs are in stock and off-the-shelf, our lead times are as short as 2 to 5 days. Therefore, you may have your springs at your door within a week or less.

Spring Part Number System

We have a simple part number system which is generated using your spring's dimensions including wire diameter, outer diameter, type of ends, material type, etc. This means that even if you can't find something close to your original design in stock, you may send us a quick quote to have it custom-made by using our spring part number system. Take a look at our part number system for the following spring types: compression spring, extension springs,torsion springs, conical (tapered) springs.

Customer Testimonials

Take a look at our customer testimonials page to get to know us a little better. Our customers can't be wrong, allow us to impress you!

Spring Creator Calculator

Another feature we have added is our famous FREE online spring calculator which helps you create your spring design , compare it to others, and generate live spring blueprints along with full spring analyses.