Identify a Coil Spring’s Direction of Wind

Determining the direction of wind for coil compression springs can be critical to the design and functioning of your application or project. In some cases, getting the wrong direction of wind will make your springs useless. A particular case is explained below, along with instructions and diagrams on how to determine the direction of wind for compression springs.

There are cases in which two coil springs are required to work together to improve force, yet keep the same elasticity and/or reduce solid height. To do this, you place a compression spring inside the inner diameter of a larger compression spring. In this case the direction of wind assures that the two springs don't intertwine thus allowing them to compress and decompress effectively. The direction of wind of the spring inside the other spring must be opposite. This meaning that a left-handed compression spring can be placed inside a right-handed compression spring.

helical spring direction of wind

Determining the Direction of Wind

To determine a coil spring's wind direction you must use the front coil. First, position the front coil so that the tip of the wire is at 12 o'clock. Then, check the direction in which the wire turns to make the first coil. If it goes clockwise, it's a right-hand spring, if it coils counter-clockwise, the spring is left-handed.

compression spring inside another compression spring

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