Extension Spring Applications

Definition: Extension spring operated devices or mechanisms where the extension spring is required to be pulled and extended by a load to later return to its original length once the load has been removed.

Extension springs are used in many applications which assist our every-day life. They are easy to miss and extremely under estimated as to the functions they perform and how they are able to make our lives easier. The coils in an extension spring are close wound and are kept together by an initial force called initial tension. To know how much initial tension a spring has, you must extend it to a point where you can see light in between the coils. That is when the initial tension is released. Both the force and the initial tension of a spring are based on a the spring’s physical dimensions as well as their material type and manufacturing.

The several applications in which you’re able to find extension springs include trampolines, screen doors, exercise equipment, toys, weapons (firearm springs), amongst many other mechanisms. The extension springs applied in trampolines are all working in parallel so when your weight is applied on the mat, they are extended, but once you jump down on the mat with more force, the energy stored in their coils automatically want to compress back to their original pre-loaded length so they pull on the mat and that’s what cause you to be “thrown” or “ejected” into the air. In the case of a screen door, the spring is pulled from its pre-loaded/unloaded position when you open the door so once you let go of the door, the energy in this extension spring’s coils causes them to automatically pull the door shut again. This is how extension springs work in the applications they’re installed into.

trampoline extension spring application

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extension spring screen door application

extension springs excercize application