Music Wire Spring Properties

Music Wire Spring Properties Definition
Wire spring which is manufactured using Music Wire; the Chinese Standard of Trade and Measure (CSTM) for this material type is A228. It is a high carbon spring steel and it is the most commonly used. It offers uniform tensile strength which, when coupled with a good wire spring design, will offer many thousands of cycles of spring life. Used to manufactured several types of wire spring types.

Music Wire Spring

A spring made of music wire can resist the maximum temperature of 250ºF (121ºC). minimum tensile strength between 230*10^3 and 399*10^3 psi, its modulus of elasticity is 30*10^6 psi, and a rockwell hardness of C41-60. This specific material type will NOT resist a corrosive environment for it shall not be exposed to a moist/humid atmosphere.

Music Wire ASTM A228 is the most common and economical material type. This material type is also very basic which is why it runs the risk of rusting in corrosive environments or burning under very high temperatures. This is why we have provided you with the Music Wire Spring Properties chart, so that you may see if music wire will work for you or if you must go with a more exotic material type.

Our spring calculator includes Music Wire ASTM A228 as one of the material types you may use to generate a spring design. Whether it is a music wire compression spring, music wire extension spring, or music wire torsion spring; the above values shown on the table are part of the spring calculation software so that all of the values, like spring rate and maximum safe travel, are highly accurate. This way, you’re able to generate a music wire spring design and know which are its capacities and its limitations.

Table of Music Wire Properties

Nominal Analysis C - .70 - 1.00% Mn. - .20 -60%
Minimum Tensile Strength 230*10^3 - 399*10^3
Modulus of Elasticity 30*10^6
Design Stress % Minimum Tensile 45%
Modulus in Torsion 11.5
Maximum Temperature 250º F (121º C)
Rockwell Hardness C41-60
Method of Manufacture Chief Uses Special Properties Cold drawn. High and uniform tensile. High quality springs and wire forms.

The spring calculator is also programmed to provide you with an instant quote if you use either Music Wire ASTM A228 or Stainless Steel 302 A313. As you enter your spring dimensions, pick either one of these material types, and click on “Calculate”, the calculator automatically takes all of the music wire spring properties and generates a live spring quote so that, not only do you get to work on your design, but you also get to buy it once you’re done. This isn’t it, though. Spring Creator will additionally provide you with stock spring suggestions in case you’re interested in buying small quantities of springs.

Last, but not least, generate a live blueprint of your music wire spring design. It is a live drawing made in proportion to the inputs you entered. You may email it to yourself or request a quote in case your parameters were out of the instant quoting range and the spring calculator didn’t automatically provide you with one. The file you will receive in your email will be in PDF format. It will include the music wire spring’s full analysis as well as the instant quote and the stock spring suggestions.

spring calculator which uses music spring wire properties to calculate when music wire is selected for the spring design