Recoil Spring Design

Definition of A Recoil Spring
A spring that is placed at the rear of the bolt of a automatic or semi automatic gun, that is utilized to take in or contain the recoil. The recoil spring is needed to absorb the shock of when a bullet is fired and the firearm pulls back towards the user so as to lessen the reaction of impact the user receives.

Recoil Spring Design

The thrust displacement of impulse of a firearm to travel along the barrel likewise creates most of or a portion of the firearm to travel and go in the other direction. The outcome is needed for the preservation of momentum and is shown in the formula:

Discharge impulse = recoiling impulse

therefore, the formula for impulse is:

Discharge mass x Discharge speed = Recoil mass x recoil speed.

In general, with non re-coil firearms, the whole firearm recoils when being fired. On the other hand, with recoil firearms, only part of the firearm recoils when inertia sustains another inactive part similar to that of a firearm mounted on a vehicle, anchored to the earth, or held by a persons hand.

The active and inactive masses are sustained with a recoil spring that takes in the recoil power as it is pushed downward by a fast/strong motion and it returns the movement of power to complete the cyclicle operation.

Limited motion is needed to work a recoil firearm therefore the cartridge must produce enough recoil to give that motion. This is why the recoil spring is needed.

function of recoil spring in a firearm

Perfecting Your Recoil Spring Design

China Spring Products Corp can perfect your recoil spring design by doing a complete recoil spring design analysis with our proprietary Spring Creator Calculator. Our spring creator calculator helps us fine tune your recoil spring design in many different ways. We can perfect your recoil springs weight/rate ratio, as wells as load and cycle life. We can perfect and fine tune your recoil spring to your specifications as well as examine your existing recoil spring design for failures. China Spring Products Corp partners with firearm manufacturers to meet their needs. Wether it be for an automatic or semi-automatic firearm we can assist you. Our goal is to get just the exact amount of rate (not too high and not too low) in order for the firearm to work correctly. We can improve a previous design by velocity, mass, discharge impulse, and cycle life. We are able to do so with our high level of expertise we have in the spring manufacturing industry. Let us improve your recoil spring by sending us an inquiry.

two recoil springs

The Rate (weight) Of Your Spring

The rate (weight) of your recoil spring greatly affects the "kickback" you get out of your firearm when it is shot. Take a semi-automatic hand gun, for example. If you have a recoil spring with a lower rate, your gun will rise and lift a lot more than if you use a heavier recoil spring. Why?? Well, your recoil spring adds additional weight in the form a stronger recoil spring to the front of your gun which prevents it from rising too much so you can get to the second shot faster. If you're recoil spring is too light, the "kickback" you get out of your gun after being shot is going to cause the barrel of the gun to swing up and take longer for the barrel of your gun to come down, before you can get to your next shot.

Having a higher rate on your recoil spring also affects your gun in the following ways:

When the slide closes, it's going to cause a nose dive effect which makes your gun take longer before you can get to the second shot. So besides the fact that your gun is going to swing back, it is also going to come back down, but in a diving motion, which is why it affects the time it takes you to get to the next shot. When the slide is pulled back as you take your shot, the slide will not stay back long enough for the magazine to strip the next round so this would cause damage to the frame and slide of your gun.

China Spring Products Corp welcomes you to let us help you with your recoil spring needs. Let us earn your trust by giving us the opportunity serve you.


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recoil spring around recoil rod

recoil spring around a recoil rod